Brian T.

In the late-Nineties, I met Lyn while she was visiting family in Northern California. We spoke for only a few hours but I was forever impacted by her spirit and energy. She introduced me to the stars and specifically to Orion’s Belt. These 3-stars seemed so perfectly aligned in the night sky. They would be a beacon of constancy to me for many years, providing encouragement during the bad times, and motivation during the good. As the years passed, I realized that they were not so perfectly aligned as they seemed when I was young. Still ever-present, but seemingly now subject to the imperfections of reality… somehow more clearly seen through weary eyes.

Twenty years later, I stumbled upon Lyn’s artwork and was immediately drawn to the design, color, and imagery of the 3-panel Marina Triptych. The haunting figure moving from right to left across the panels and the friendly glow radiating from the center of the blue-scape, gave a powerful sense of returning to safety. All of the art in my collection has deep meaning for me…and I knew that this piece, given form by the amazing Goddess I met so many years ago, would be a wonderful addition.

Marina Triptych arrived in 2018. Recently, after the painting had hung (slightly crooked) on my wall for several years, Lyn casually mentioned that Marina Triptych was the only piece that she’d done with this 3-panel design. At that moment I understood that the friendly glow and safe place of Marina Triptych was connected to that chance meeting between us so many years ago, under the 3-stars of Orion’s Belt.

I recognize that a beacon of constancy now hangs on my wall. No matter how many: torpedo levels; laser lines; picture wire; and push pins I’ve tried, I just can’t get the 3-panels to hang straight. Despite my best efforts, even with all of my skills and experience brought to bear…I just can’t get them to line-up perfectly. No matter how hard I try.

Brian T.

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